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Aluminum Gear Pumps

Salami Gear Pumps


Mason Dynamics is a stocking pump specialist for Salami aluminum gear pumps. This extremely efficient Italian made gear pump is available with flanges, shafts, and ports for the main European, German, and SAE standards. All pumps are tested after assembly and run-in to ensure the high standard required by Salami engineers.


Our Technicians Can…
Build double, triple, and quad multi-pumps, change pump rotation, and isolate pump sections for running different fluids. We have all the components in stock to build SAE standard and European style gear pumps.
European Mount Gear Pumps
We carry the largest selection of European flange Salami pumps in North America. Call our pump specialists today to place your order.

Dealer & OEM Discounts
New OEM and dealer accounts can qualify for extended terms and pricing discounts. Call our customer service department today to apply.

Salami Catalogs
Salami offers high quality aluminum gear pumps in SAE AA, SAE A, SAE B, and SAE C NFPA mounts. Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff with any questions.

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     Salami Part # Salami Model # in³ Displacement gmp @ 1750 gmp @ 3450 Rotation Price  

613871172 2.5PB22D-R55S3 1.343 10.025
613871252 2.5PB22D-R87S3 1.343 10.025
613870032 2.5PB22D-P38P2 1.343 10.025
613871171 2.5PB22S-R55S3 1.343 10.025
613871251 2.5PB22S-R87S3 1.343 10.025
613870031 2.5PB22S-P38P2 1.343 10.025

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